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The Manchester Bombing

22nd May 2017

Literally thousands of people will be touched by the events in Manchester on Monday 22nd May 2017 and many will be significantly affected in very different ways.

Every individual will have their very personal thoughts and feelings about what happened.

These thoughts and feelings are likely to have an impact on how we see ourselves, how we see other people and what we think about the world.

For some this event will lead to strong feelings of fear and thoughts about safety – safety for themselves and for others. Other people will have strong feelings of grief and sadness along with thoughts about how they are going to manage in the future.

For others this event will lead to strong feelings of anger or guilt – feelings which need to be understood and managed carefully.

For yet more people, the event will make connections with other sad or traumatic experiences in their past – sometimes re-awakening memories that were thought to be long buried.

We will all struggle to make sense of this event. This can be a difficult thing to do. But as individuals, as families and as communities there will be a need to work hard at this task.

This website contains information about how traumatic events can affect us and the sorts of things that it might be helpful to do in these circumstances.

We hope that you might find some suggestions here that are helpful to you.

Remember, though, that we are all individuals. Try to think carefully about how this event has affected you, what are your strongest feelings and what thoughts go with those feelings.

Talk and talk and talk to others you are close to you about the event and about your reactions. Keep yourself safe, be kind to yourself and try to stick to your normal daily routines as far as possible. Don’t stop doing the things that give your life a sense of order, of meaning and of purpose.

With the help of family, friends and local communities, many people will slowly navigate a way through the distress, upset and confusion caused by this event. Give yourself time to do this.

For others, though, there may come a point when they realise that the difficulties that are normal in the first few weeks or months are not subsiding and at this point it may be useful to look for some skilled external help .

This help should aim to give you an opportunity to think carefully about the personal meaning of the event and create opportunities for you to think about what will be helpful for you in terms of a way forward.

But take it a step at a time, stay safe and stay connected to others.



How Can I Help Myself?

Whatever the type of traumatic event, the first thing to do is to be kind to yourself....